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ATV & Quad Courses

 Clause 136 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 requires employers to ensure the safety of their employees when using plant, (including motorcycles). In particular, plant is not used unless the operator has received adequate information, training and supervision, and that it is used only for the purpose for which it is designed.


To help organisations be compliant with regulations, ATV and Quad training across Australia, making your work place and your riders safer.

 Operate Ride-on Vehicles

We also provide 2-wheel dirt bike safety training courses.

Having four wheels instead of two doesn't make quad vehicles any easier or safer to ride. Whether it is recreational or work related let Top Rider teach you the special skills that four wheel dirt bikes demand.


Our one-day ATV or Quad course is ideal for organisations that use all-terrain vehicles. Some organizations we have recently provided training for include:
  • Rio Tinto Coal Australia
  • Gold Coast City Council
  • Gladstone Water Board
  • Australian Defence Force
  • Forestry Plantation Qld
  • Power Link
  • DEEDI (Qld Govt)
  • Bio Security Qld
  • Dept of Environment and Resources Management
  • Clough Projects, Papua New Guinea
  • many regional councils and pastoral companies
  • many individuals wanting to obtain the certificate
Course details        OPERATE RIDE-ON VEHICLES.
All terrain vehicle (ATV) handling
A course for those wanting to develop their skills in the safe use of four wheeled motor bikes.
$375.00 per person (minimum cost and travelling expenses apply)
Course aims:
To assist participants to safely and effectively operate four wheeled motor bikes and to carry out routine checks and maintenance.
Learning outcomes:
Identify, anticipate and control hazards by using safe riding techniques
Identify responsibilities
Carry out routine checks and maintenance
Select suitable personal protective equipment
Operate ATVs in a safe and controlled manner.
1 day
Course program:
ATV operational hazards
Occupational health and safety issues
ATV design and selection
Basic maintenance
Basic ATV operating techniques through a designated course
Basic ATV operating techniques negotiating a dirt road route
Operating ATVs with a range of loads attached
Loading, unloading and securing ATVs to a transport vehicle
Reversing a trailed implement with an ATV
Periodic maintenance
Advanced riding techniques using slopes and rough terrain
Clean up ATVs and refuel
Resources and method of delivery:
Participants receive a course manual.
This course is delivered using both indoor and outdoor instruction.

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