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Learn to Ride Courses

Have you always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle? Well, you have found the right place!

Top Rider’s courses are designed for all level of riders – from those who have never operated a motorcycle before, to the experienced rider. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, male or female......riding a motorcycle is open to all! 


LEARN TO RIDE COURSE - $330 - includes motorcycle and equipment

Our Learn to Ride Course ís a 5 hour morning group session starting from the basics.

  • Bikes and all equipment is supplied  - all you need is your Learners Motorcycle licence from Dept of Transport & Main Roads
  • All training is held in a safe, secure area
  • Your coaches are highly-qualified, friendly and patient.

The riding begins with very basic skills, such as mounting the motorcycle and identifying its controls, and builds steadily upward from there. Riders learn in increments to gain rider confidence. You will also receive valuable theory discussions.  As part of the course we will concentrate on

  • motorcycle familiarisation
  • clutch control and throttle control
  • and the four basic skills; straight-line riding, turning, smooth gear changing and braking.

You can also combine this course in our Beginner's Package which also includes a Refresher Course and QRide Course with some great savings.

Availability: ALL AREAS


BEGINNER’S PACKAGE - $795 - includes motorcycle and equipment

Save up to $195 by combining the

  • Learn to Ride Course - 5 hours,
  • Refresher Course 5 hours
  • QRide license course - 5 hours

This Beginner’s package includes 3 courses, 15 hours of riding and can be completed over 2 dates.



1 on 1 LESSONS - $120 includes motorcycle and equipment

(Available Gold Coast)

One-on-One lessons are designed to suit your learning needs and level of experience.

These 2-hour sessions are best for

  • assessing any further training you may need.
  • the absolute beginner, where our patient and professional instructors will start you at the beginning
  • riders that have ridden but are not sure what more they need to learn before completing QRide.
  • returning riders that may be a bit “rusty”
  • any other type of riding that you would like to practice, e.g road skills

The One-on-One lessons are available most days.

Motorcycle and protective gear is included with this course.


ROAD CRAFT COURSE WITH TRAFFIC - $165 includes motorcycle and equipment

(available Gold Coast)

This 3 hour group course is perfect for a rider that is past the basics and ready to get on the road

  • start with theory covering road variables and hazards
  • ride through different speed zones
  • roundabouts
  • hill-starts
  • deal with hazards and safety
  • stop and get an ice-cream!

This course is an important part of your rider education and safety. You will love the day!


ROAD CRAFT COURSE WITH NO TRAFFIC - $180 includes motorcycle and equipment

(Available Gold Coast)

Get some riding experience without the worry of traffic

  • Held on the track at Gold Coast Motorsports
  • Small group of learner riders
  • Turn up between 9am and 2pm for 4 ride sessions on the track
  • Suitable for novice riders that are taking our Learn to Ride courses or for riders that have just passed their QRide


Available all areas
  • This is a 5 hour morning course
  • This course prepares riders for the afternoon QRide Licensing assessment. You will be shown through and trained in all the manoeuvres required in Qride
  • It is highly recommended that riders take this course on the day of QRide, especially for those that have not done much road-riding or haven't ridden for a while
  • We can supply motorcycle and protective gear
  • Save by booking the Refresher & QRide Licence Package, which combines the QRide Training and Qride Licence in one day
  • motorcycle and gear can be provided at $50

Already have your licence or upgrading?

  • Riders upgrading to their R class licence can also take this course to prepare for using the bigger bike and to refresh their skills
  • This is a great course for refreshing riding skills if you already have your licence, but haven't ridden for a while
Available All Areas

Combine the Refresher Course and QRide course on the same day, saving money

  • The Refresher course will give you 5 hours of training and preparation for the QRide Licence Course
  • The same instructor will then assess your QRide in the afternoon
  • Motorcycle and protective can be supplied at $50
  • This package is highly recommended for most riders looking to undertake their QRide licence
  • It is suitable for riders that need to brush-up on their skills before attempting the QRide licence course.


Come and tap into some real experience at Top Rider.


 CALL 1300 13 13 62 TO ENQUIRE OR BOOK




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