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Advanced Training Calendar and Information


Top Rider offers Advanced Rider Training at these places




Strictly limited places - Book now to secure your place.

1000cc /600cc Hire bikes available - limited bikes must book early.  

Bike transportation is also available from Queensland



Advanced Motorcycle training means advancing riding skills from your current level, whatever that level may be.

Our one-day courses are well balanced with 30% theory and 70% practical with plenty of on-track ride time (3 times more than most providers). Bernie has Australia's smallest classes - between 8-10 riders offering 6 levels in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere


Advanced Rider Training with Bernie Hatton

Easy to understand, proven training methods by Bernie Hatton

You may be an experienced rider with years of riding, yet have never had any form of training, or you may be someone who has not long had their license. Bernie's personalised training programs will suit each individual's goals. Learn how to identify lean angles, how to brake and identify brake levels.  Gain skills that world champions have as well-oiled tools.  Learn with a training program that has instigated and established national and world champions.



Who Teaches It

Your coach Bernie Hatton has 25 years of experience.  He is an International and National motorcycle racer and team manager with 3 Australian titles.  He is coach to Australian elite riders including Anthony West and personal coach for Gareth Jones and many more.

Bernie Hatton has been a fully qualified and licensed motorcycle instructor since 1984, is a fully qualified motorcycle mechanic, and is registered as a Training Organization with the Education Department.

  •    He is an A-Grade motorcycle racer.
  •    Silver replica award at Manx Grand Prix.
  •    Superbike Lites Champion 2004 and 2006
  •    Managed own race team claiming 3 Australian Titles.
  •    Finished 2nd 2008 Australian championship 250 cc Grand prix
  •    Coach to Leading road-race racers nationally - moto GP, World Superbikes,World Supersport and Moto 2
  •    Over 33 years experience   
  •    In 2005 Bernie was inducted into the National Motorcycle Hall of   Fame for his training, coaching and dedication to the industry
  •    Most recently, in 2014, Bernie has been asked to sit on the committee of National Motorcycle Coaching

Bernie Hatton


Being recognised for his efforts was one of many high points in Bernie’s life, and you can be assured you have been trained by one of the best in the world.


Gareth Jones - Top Rider instructor


Shawn Giles - Top Rider Instructor       Glenn Scott - Top Rider Instructor






How the Advanced Rider Training works

Part of the reason for the program's success is the dynamic classroom training, which includes both theory and application of the techniques. By including a basic analysis of vehicular dynamics, riders get a clear understanding of how their actions affect their bikes. This is supported by Bernie’s unparalleled skills as a racer, motorcycle mechanic, sports coach and trainer.

Advanced Rider Tuition with Bernie Hatton

Each of the skills taught are individually broken down and practiced. Working on only one skill at a time is the fastest way to make consistent riding improvements. The beauty of doing it this way is that the student is never asked to make a huge "leap of faith" in any one area. Each skill is built up in small increments until the desired result is achieved. This allows for high confidence and never gets too scary. Combined with a strategic "building block" formula for integrating the individual skills into a complete riding package, the Advanced Motorcycle Training Course enables riders to learn faster and easier than ever before.


Advanced Rider Training Levels - a brief description of rider training for each level:


(needs to be completed with Top Rider before advancing to further levels) 

  • Grip control and system of control for dry and wet - braking and cornering
  • Rider posture and Body English - braking and cornering
  • Rear brake skills
  • Throttle and gearing exercises - use of gearbox and clutch
  • Inappropriate rider inputs - using a system of control
  • How to sit and be comfortable with cornering
  • Planning ahead
  • Adjustment of speed up to corner


  • Using Bernie's unique steering system - used by champions
  • Grip front tyre - overlap braking and rear brake
  • Steering geometry - overlap front brake
  • Find the right marks and the line we want - positioning information
  • Change of direction - posture
  • Grip exiting turn - using outside and inside boot
  • Turning efficiently - steering geometry
  • foot rest technology


  • Change cornering lines - use Top Rider unique systems
  • Dealing with different kinds of corners and cambers - different strategies and speeds
  • Use all of the road - use all bike controls
  • Overlapping controls
  • Engine lock-ups, rear wheel chatter
  • Top Rider system of control elite
  • Grip front and rear brake


  • Concentration, planning, scanning, visualisation
  • Place and operate bike at correct points
  • Technical cornering skills
  • Power to ground and grip
  • What to do if it turns bad - Top Rider system
  • Various plans for the range of variables a motorcyclist will face


  • Refine all Top Rider system skills in braking, cornering, down-changing, power to ground all under supervision.
  • Final assessment before Level 6


  • Elite level training
  • Ready to enter a race or regular track days
  • Visual (video) feed-back
  • Instant (instructor) feed-back
  • Training available for any circuit


What It Costs

Eastern Creek Coach & Setup (South Circuit) $279

Eastern Creek Ideal Time (South Circuit) $279

Eastern Creek Advanced Rider Training Levels $690 (South Circuit)

Sydney Advanced Rider Training Levels $450 (Sydney Dragway open area)

Gold Coast Advanced Rider Training Levels $495 (up to 6 in group)

Gold Coast Coach & Setup Course $279 (up to 6 riders)

Hire Bikes are 1000cc $700.00 per day , 600cc $500 per day, Gold Coast $250 per day

Bike transportation from Queensland and return $500 per bike

Other venues can be arranged for groups and price TBC.


Top Rider Promises

Top Rider is committed to making you a better and safer rider and in doing so makes these promises:


  • Specific, measurable improvement in your riding. No matter what skill level you are now, Top Rider will make a recognizable difference in your ability to control your bike.
  • Better understanding of how your bike works. How and what you do affects your bike's ability to maintain traction and control
  • The ability to self-diagnose riding problems in the future. While it's great to be able to ride better in front of a skilled coach, it's equally important to be able to coach yourself when you detect a riding problem in the future.
  • High teacher-to-student ratio. There are never more than six students per instructor for lots of individual attention and support.
  • Friendly, professional service. The Top Rider instructors are highly trained and carefully handpicked for their teaching abilities and friendly dispositions. Your experience at Top Rider will be a positive one.


Top Rider Australia Pty Ltd, ACN. 164 651 772, ABN. 99 164 651 772  

Top Rider

6/39 Lawrence Drive,
Nerang - 4211, Queensland, Australia

1300 131 362