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QRide Licence Courses

Q Ride is a licence course that you need to complete to obtain your RE, R or REA (scooter) motorcycle licence on the Gold Coast.

ELITE QRIDE LICENCE COURSE - $179 - 3 hours - for very experienced riders

- $279 - 5 hours

REFRESHER/QRIDE PACKAGE - $495 (saving $165)

Combine the Refresher Course and QRide course, saving money

  • The Refresher course will give you 5 hours of training and preparation for the QRide Course

  • You can do the Refresher Course, followed by the QRide in an extended one day, or do this over 2 days

  • This package is highly recommended for most riders looking to undertake their QRide licence

  • It is suitable for riders that need to brush-up on their skills before attempting the QRide license course.

This package is not suitable for riders that have minimal or no experience riding.  However, there is a Beginner Rider's package and Learn to Ride courses available that will be suitable.



Not sure if you are ready to take the Qride Licence? Try our self-assessment questions. (pdf 9kb).  

If you are having trouble with any of these you will at the very least need to do a Refresher Course on the morning of your QRide assessment. 
You can save money by booking the Refresher & QRide Package on the same day.






  • If you want to learn to ride a motorcycle, you must first apply for a class RE learner licence

  • To get a learner licence for a motorcycle (Learners (L) RE), you have to hold your provisional, probationary or open car licence for at least 1 year before you can apply. To get your RE learner licence you need to pass a motorcycle knowledge test .  You can do all this online if you wish

  • Once you have your class RE learner licence, there is no waiting time before attempting the QRide licence course

  • Show you are competent in a number of manoeuvres, a road ride and theory to pass the Qride licence course and get your Open (O) RE motorcycle licence.  The theory is done at your home online before the day. 

  • When you pass, take your Qride Certificate back to Qld Transport to have your licence changed - You are now able to ride Learner Approved Motorcycles (LAM) on your own.

  • After holding your O RE licence for 12 months you can go for your R Class motorcycle licence by doing Qride again on an open-sized bike.  Once you pass, you can ride any sized motorbike.



  • To ride a scooter over 50cc, you must hold at least an automatic motorcycle licence (REA).

  • First you must get your Learners (L) RE motorcycle licence as above.
  • Pass the Qride licence course on a scooter larger than 50cc to obtain the REA licence.  Take the Qride Certificate back to Qld Transport to have your licence changed.

  • You are now able to ride motorcycles over 50cc on your own.








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