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What will I need to bring on the training or QRide day?

  • Your Learners RE permit for a motorbike or (if you are going for your R license) your RE license
  • Long pants and closed-in shoes (no steel-caps)
  • Jacket, helmet, gloves and if you don't have these, we can supply them at no extra cost
  • Protective eye wear if your helmet does not have a visor
  • A snack and drink
  • The balance of the price of the course if you have not paid in full (EFTPOS is not available at venues)

Can I use my own bike for Q Ride and training?

  • Yes, as long as it is fully registered and roadworthy, with everything fully operational.
  • We will supply your bike if you don't have one

When can I get my RE Learners?

  • You need to have had your car P license for 12 months or longer before you can get your learners for motorbikes.

Does someone need to follow me when I am riding my bike with a Learners License?

  • Yes, a motorcycle license holder (that has held it for more than 12 months ) must supervise you by either following you on a motorbike or in a car.  If you hold  a Learners RE license, you can be followed by an Open RE holder (that has held it for more than 12 months) or an R license holder. 
  • If you have held your Open RE license for more than 12 months and are now learning on a R class bike, you must be supervised by a R class license holder (that has held that license for more than 12 months

What size bike can I ride once I get my RE license?

  • Click here to see a list of Learner Approved Motorcycles (LAM).  There are no 250cc bikes on this list as you are able to ride all but about 4 models of that size bike.
  • The list restricts class RE (restricted) motorcycle licence holders to a combined power-to-weight ratio and engine capacity restriction. The former 250 millilitre (mL) engine capacity restriction no longer applies.

When can I ride a bigger bike?

  • After 12 months of obtaining your RE license you are then able to go for your R license (to ride all sized bikes).  You must take the same Q Ride test but on an open-sized bike.
  • You cannot start learning on an open-sized bike until you have held your RE license for 12 months or more and then you can ride an open bike when followed by another open rider and your bike must have an L plate.

What are the rules about alcohol?

  • There is a no alcohol limit (0.00) for all learner license holders.
  • There is a no alcohol limit for all class RE motorbike licence holder for the first 12 months of holding their class RE.
  • There is a no alcohol limit for all class RE license holders learning to ride a class R motorbike.



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